SUPERSONIC Bio Tech announces research on CBD/sugar inclusion complex using mechanical chemistry (solventless)

GENEVA, GE, May 12th 2021, /Release — SUPERSONIC Bio Tech has announced the start of a new water soluble CBD using a mix of different sugars and CBD. The C.E.O Thomas von Schönburg and the  C.O.O Damien Trevisiol have hold a conference on May 11th 2021. “This new water soluble solution will be a breathrough for the beverage and the edibles industry” says Schoenburg. Pre-orders are alreday flowing !” says COO. The product will be available soon. It will be showcased at the CBD EXPO FRANCE  (16-18/10/2021 PARIS)


SUPERSONIC Bio Tech retains GILSON inc. as their main lab equipement provider

GENEVA, GE, January 11th 2019, /Release — SUPERSONIC Bio Tech, a Swiss Hemp extraction & purification company has retained multi-million dollars US family-owned company GILSON, Inc to upgrade their laboratory in Rolle (VD). GILSON are specialists in design and developement of automation instrumentation and chromatography systems for drug discovery, proteomic, and genomic markets.



SUPERSONIC Bio Tech has announced the first "Crystal resistant" hemp oil (83%)

LAUSANNE, VD, December 12th 2018, /Release — SUPERSONIC Bio Tech, a well-known extraction and purification company in Rolle (VD) has just announced the release of its one-of-a-kind “Crystal Resistant”  Broad Spectrum oil for the vaping industry. Considered as a breakthrough in the cited industry, it solves the problem of re-crystalisation in vaping cartridges/bottles due to light and heat !

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