The raw materials (flowers only) are grown by swiss award-winning craftsman growers with whom we have developed deep and trustful relationships. 

Before extracting, we meticulously remove woody stalks from all flowers and any parts that may alter the first extract. This allow us to minimize the extraction manipulation and avoid useless and destructive steps generally applied on precious and weak active compounds.

Depending on your needs, we can remove the psychotropic particle (THC) with a best-in-class preparative chromatography equipment to achieve a true 0.00%. However, we strongly recommend to use Full spectrum extracts (the most natural) as a base to your CBD oil. CBD therapy is complex and still under investigation. Using the closest-to-the-plant CBD extract gives to your customers a true therapeutic product. Adding CBD powder in hemp seed oil with a peppermint aroma is useless.

Finally, the latest technology (NANO-Emulsification) is used to make water soluble CBD. Using Ultrasounds, the CBD particles are exploded in million others which are small enough to be suspended in water and very easily absorbed by the human body. The effect is immediate. This is a great way to enjoy medical cannabis during the day. This revolutionary well-kept technic has been developed by Supersonic Bio Tech and our institutional partners (CNRS) during our 2020 R&D campaign (7 months).

Natural cannabis Extracts

Percentage : from 5% to 85% Cannabidiol (CBD) and/or Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa)
Other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC, CBL, THCV…) : from 1% to 10%
Other phytocompounds may include : terpenes, flavonoids, omegas, chlorophyll…
Color : Dark brown to clear brown
Compliant THC level (EU, CH, USA…): as per our customers request (from 0% to maximum allowed)

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Water-Soluble CBD (Nano-emulsion)

Percentage : from 10% Cannabidiol (CBD)
Other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC, CBL, THCV…) : from 1% to x%
Compliant THC level (EU, CH, USA): as per our customers request (from 0% to maximum allowed)
Properties : Water Soluble (Nano-emulsified)
Color : milky to translucent
Taste :  low to no taste.
Highest absorption and bio-availability (5-6 times than regular oil !)

Applications : sport recovery, DOMS symptoms, natural painkiller, balms, activated beverages…

Note for athletes: avoid benzodiazepine or chemical painkillers. Swap to Water soluble CBD !

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Custom formulations & White label

We can customized the content of your extract depending on your needs and depending on the intended use.

Any percentage can be achieved with our extract. We can advise you on the vegetable oil to use for maximum effect and versatile usage or you can provide us with your own product ideas.


product consistency

Applying excellence to sourcing, manufacturing, analytical and quality processes is the key to ensure continuous product consistency and availability.

swiss quality

Perfectionism, attention to details, accuracy and reliability are the foundation of our country. We cannot jeopardize this reputation we are enjoying since decades.

contractual deadlines

Meeting deadlines is fundamental to trust and customer satifaction. We pride ourselves on highly detailed cost tracking and timely delivery as expected by our clients.